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EUROEDIL-HOLDING DOOEL produces sheet metal products for metal structures and construction. The company needs accurate high-speed processing in order to meet contractual deadlines for manufacturing moulds. To meet the growing requirements of its clients, the company needs to optimise die stamping production lines.

The company decides to modernise its production facilities by installing a FANUC ROBOCUT α-C400iB wire-cut electric discharge machine and a FANUC ROBODRILL α-D14LiB vertical machining centre.

By using FANUC machines in their production process, the company is achieving high increase of production output, sustainable quality, desired operational accuracy and efficiency. With their exceptional flexibility, the FANUC machines can be quickly reconfigured for different production series.



EUROEDIL-HOLDING DOOEL is a Macedonian company established in 2004 by Manager and CEO Rakip Ramadanoski with registered office at Skudrine in the Mavrovo-Rostushe municipality. In 2015, the company opened a new office in Skopje. Currently EUROEDIL has 57 employees. The company manufactures sheet metal products for metal structures and the construction industry. The OITR Alatnica tool workshop at Euroedil Holding EOOD develops equipment for sheet metal cutting, die stamping, extrusion and folding. It also produces innovative machines and tools for modernising production lines.

In the EUROEDIL Alatnica workshop, sheet metal is cut into strips of various dimensions and metal fastenings are manufactured for fixing plasterboard. FANUC machines are used in making sheet metal cutting, die stamping, extrusion and folding tools and for manufacturing innovative machines and units as part of the tool workshop operations.




Eng. Toni Dimitrievski, head of the tool workshop, says: “I have been working with FANUC machines for 18 years. In 2003, when I was the manager of my own small mould manufacturing company, I bought two FANUC electrical discharge machines. I was very pleased with how practical they were and how easy they were for design and operation.








A few years ago, two FANUC ROBOCUT electrical discharge machines were set up in the EUROEDIL tool workshop, along with a CNC lathe with a FANUC CNC control unit. To improve its competitive position on the market, the company needs to modernise production facilities and their choice is to relay on FANUC again. The regional FANUC representative office based in Bulgaria provides professional assistance to EUROEDIL for selecting particular machine models. After detailed discussions of the specific requirements and capacity of the different machine models, the company chose a ROBOCUT α-C400iB wire-cut electric discharge machine with LINKi software and a FANUC ROBODRILL α-D14LiB vertical machining centre.


As soon as FANUC machines were commissioned, they met in full our expectations with regard to reliability, cutting speed, a convenient display with a clear, uncluttered operational interface and low energy consumption. The benefits are remarkable in relation to the high level of safety, low energy consumption and high precision. The new ROBOCUT machine provides us with excellent operational capacity, reliable Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology and a stable production process. There is no doubt that FANUC has fully justified the trust which our company put in it”, adds Eng. Dimitrievski.


For the head of the EUROEDIL tool workshop, the most important advantages of FANUC machines are their continuity, easy operation and compact dimensions in comparison with machines from other manufacturers. “Seamless connection, from the easy-to-use ROBOCUT CAMi by means of connection with the machine (using LINKi software) and the choice of standard operating modes, come together to represent a functional high-speed, accurate and effective operating combination. The maintenance of the machines is provided directly by FANUC Bulgaria during and after the warranty period, which is exceptionally important for us”, concludes Eng. Dimitrievski.