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Dener Group, a major manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery and metal-cutting machine tools, required a reliable technology and service partner for technologies such as CNC systems, spindle motors, servo amplifiers and power supply modules. Making the right decision would help the group increase its presence around the world.

Dener Group chose to work with FANUC, based largely on the performance and quality of its products, its reputation in the sector, and its long-standing experience in automation solutions. By building a strong working relationship based on trust, Dener Group knew it could grow its market share.

With continuous R&D and FANUC as a technology partner, Dener Group is able to manufacture more sophisticated machines. Attributes such as efficiency and quality are synonymous with FANUC products, helping the company to provide its customers with genuine competitive gain. By developing machines that enable manufacturers to produce higher quality parts faster and easier, Dener Group has become a global brand that exports to more than 100 countries.

About Dener Group

Dener Group has been manufacturing machinery in Kayseri, central Turkey, since its formation in 1974. Since then, substantial business growth has seen the company emerge as a significant market player, both nationally and internationally. Today, Dener Group has over 800 employees and one of the most important integrated machinery production facilities in the world regarding the variety of machines produced at its 1.3 million2 production campus.

The foundation of Dener Group’s success is its decades-long experience in the manufacture of sheet metal processing machinery, including press brakes, laser cutters, plasma cutters and guillotine shears. Based on high-quality products and engineering know-how, the company gained a voice in the global marketplace. However, based on a philosophy of continuous growth, the group took a conscious decision to diversify into metal-cutting machine tools.

Machine tools are one of industry’s most basic-need categories,” states Dr Kanber Sedef, Vice President and R&D Director at Dener Group. “So in 2017 we began to design and manufacture our own machine tool product family, comprising CNC vertical machining centres, CNC lathes and NC surface grinding machines. In Turkey, we previously had a very high import rate for these machine types.

Dener Group set about producing CE-certified machine tools in different capacities and sizes, attracting customers in both national and international markets against the backdrop of its ISO9001-accredited quality system.

Notably, the company constantly explores ways of increasing the added value that its machines offer, typically by introducing complementary solutions such as automatic part measuring probes, automatic referencing systems and motor strain detection systems. Dener Group also has extensive expertise in AI image processing and optimisation, further underlining its high investment in R&D.

The co-operation with FANUC in these solutions contributes significantly to the acceleration of our processes,” explains Sedef. “A particular case in point is our range of CNC vertical machining centres where, thanks to the use of FANUC products, our customers can reliably perform high-speed machining, high-precision machining, adapter-free synchronised threading and simple robot integration.

As a result of strong co-operation between the companies, Dener Group trusts FANUC’s products, its influence in the sector and its experience in automation.

At the same time, we have been working with the FANUC service team for many years without any problems; FANUC is a very reliable partner,” says Sedef. “Due to this satisfaction, and the high contribution of the products to efficiency and performance, we continue to move forward with FANUC technologies.