Fast, accurate electrical discharge machining

Where wire EDM is concerned, accuracy has traditionally come at the cost of speed. That’s why FANUC has developed a next generation ROBOCUT wire-cutting machine. The α-CiC series comprises two versatile all-rounders. With incredibly long mean times between failures, low maintenance, longevity and excellent uptimes, these future-proof spark erosion machines are designed to save time and drive down unit costs while ensuring superlative accuracy and cutting efficiency.


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ROBOCUT wire EDM offers:

  • latest CNC and servomotor technology
  • generator designed for maximum reliability
  • capable of cutting thick, stepped and tapered parts
  • multi-workpiece machining
  • easy-to-use Core Stitch function for even longer unmanned machining
  • wire threading in just 10 seconds
  • automatic in-path wire re-threading
  • accurate twin servo wire tension control

Spark erosion meets manufactured efficiency

Intelligent wire EDM software for more efficiency

Enhebrado automático del hilo en tan solo 10 segundos

La tecnología de enhebrado AWF3 (Automatic Wire Feed, alimentación de hilo automática) exclusiva de FANUC permite enhebrar el hilo de forma automática, rápida y fiable en tan solo 10 segundos. A fin de garantizar un enhebrado y reenhebrado fiables, los hilos se cortan eléctricamente dejando un extremo puntiagudo totalmente recto y libre de rebabas incluso en hilos blandos. Con la ayuda de un chorro de agua, el enhebrado del hilo resulta simple y sumamente rápido.

Easy-to-set CORE STITCH function

ROBOCUT α-CiC series’ CORE STITCH function allows you to better plan cutting jobs and extend unmanned machining hours. Stitch points are set directly on the wire-cutting machine’s CNC without any pre-programming. Used in combination with the re-threading in the wire path function, this is the ideal solution for long lasting unmanned machining and multi-workpiece cutting processes. When the job is done you simply knock out the cores manually without any risk to the machine.

More freedom for your wire EDM processes