Automated industrial manufacturing whatever your product

Just taking a quick look around you will reveal an innumerable number of objects that have been produced, processed or packaged usingindustrial automation technologies. And not only that, FANUC constantly strives to improve your processes and make production more efficient. Whatever your task, whatever your material, industry or market, FANUC provides exactly the right solution for you and your product.

Higher manufacturing productivity along your value chain

Add value to your entire manufacturing process using smart FANUC automation solutions. Dedicated to every phase of your production process, we support you with front of line, processing, picking, handling and end of line applications.

Final de línea:

soluciones automatizadas para procesos más eficientes de embalaje, paletizado, manipulación y carga

Principio de línea:

soluciones flexibles de despaletizado, carga y carga de líneas


soluciones de picking inteligentes que ofrecen velocidad, precisión y destreza sin interrupciones


sistemas inteligentes para reducir sus tiempos de ciclo y aumentar su productividad, sea cual sea su producto