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FANUC CNC provides user-friendly performance in new Copier bevelling machine

Task: To create a bevelling machine that produces weldable edges on large diameter tubes. This involved sourcing a CNC as well as developing a graphical user interface (GUI) that would make operating the machine easy.

Solution: Use a FANUC CNC to develop a new generation of machine capable of creating any required bevel profile, regardless of tube thickness. To coordinate the machine’s U and C axes extremely precise encoders and fast CNC processing were a must. Given that operators had little or no experience of CNC, the solution also took advantage of the ability to develop a GUI using Fanuc Picture Software within the CNC.

Result: The solution was developed using the FANUC CNC after Copier Bevelmachines identified it as being the most suitable for the application. The machine is very easy to use. All operators need to do is enter the parameters of the tube and select the desired bevel profile with the aid of the graphic displays. This allows the operator to control the machine without having to deal with the underlying NC code.

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