iHMI FANUC pomaga użytkownikom efektywnie wykorzystywać swoje maszyny

Zaprojektowany w sposób, który jest wyjątkowo przyjazny użytkownikowi, nowy iHMI FANUC sprawia, że obsługa maszyn CNC jest łatwa i skuteczna. Zapewnia on również planowanie i kontrolę wszystkich prac konserwacyjnych w celu maksymalizacji czasu pracy maszyny. Nowy panel jest płaski, posiada ergonomicznie rozmieszczone klawisze, całkowicie zmodyfikowane wyposażenie i całkiem nowy interfejs użytkownika.

Get the most from your machine

  • brand-new touch panel interface for 30i-B series
  • built for high-precision machining and minimum cycle times
  • superior performance for higher productivity
  • new unrivalled HMI concept for all machines
  • consistent shop floor support for planning, machining and improvement

Simple. Efficient. Intuitive. 

FANUC iHMI has been designed to be extremely easy to use. Intuitive menu icons, high-visibility design and animated features take the head-scratching out of complex machining operations, making accessing even the most sophisticated programs and functionalities straightforward. Despite its more intuitive layout, users will nevertheless find that it provides a familiar FANUC user experience.

REMOTE DESKTOP - communicate with CAD and CAM on a seperate PC

TOOL MANAGER – Managing of tools has been centralised to increase production efficiency

CALENDAR – Plan your tasks.

CYCLE TIME ESTIMATION – Estimates quickly the cycle times of the task.

NEW CNC INTERFACE – Setup / Edit / Operation is possible on a new CNC screen (measuring cycles, fixed cycles, simulation)

ROBOT HANDLING – robots can be managed through the CNC interface

COLLISION AVOIDANCE - The validity of the program and the interference between tool and workpiece can be confirmed by the simulation.

DATA LOGGER – Various data of the CNC & machine are continuously collected to display the production data and to transmit the results to MT-Link i.

MAINTENANCE INFORMATION – from CNC & Machine is collected to manage such information as life time information of wear parts and the detection of deviations.

OPERATION MONITOR - Status information from CNC & machine is collected to display status information, e.g. status information or production overview

MANUAL – Displaying manuals and documents on the CNC

MEMO – creation of notes and experience informations

BROWSER – usage of web based applications and connection of company resources

MAINTENANCE DISPLAY – Display of the familiar interface for maintenance / service

FILE MANAGER – Usage of the well-known Windows Explorer