Setup Tools

When you start up a machine tool, you need to adapt the CNC to the machine. You perform tasks like developing a PMC program or optimizing servo and spindle drives. Setup tools help you to start up a machine tool quickly and efficiently.


FANUC LADDER-III is het standaard programmeersysteem voor het maken, weergeven, bewerken, afdrukken, bewaken en herstellen van fouten van laddersequentieprogramma´s voor CNC PMC ladder. Dit werkt met NCGuide op één of meerdere PC´s en kan via Ethernet gemakkelijk met de CNC worden verbonden.


  • Creation of the machine PMC program, startup and debug
  • Modification of the PMC program to follow machine and production evolution
  • Rich maintenance and diagnostics capabilities of the PMC and machine control

SERVO Viewer

SERVO Viewer is a Windows® application software that enables to measure and display various kinds of data from a machine tool with a FANUC CNC. It is possible to acqure and view servo/spindle data such as position, speed and torque, PMC signals, or CNC status information such as program number, sequence number or M/S/T codes.


  • Analyze the axis movement and CNC operation timing
  • Optimize the CNC program to reduce cycle times
  • Monitor the machine's condition by periodical measurements