New Controller J-30iB

FANUC introduces its new, flexible controller

Echternach, Luxembourg – FANUC is releasing a new controller, the J-30iB, which represents a FANUC controller, including servo drives, but without mechanical unit and robot kinematics. FANUC offers the established standard controller as a platform for any automation solutions that have positioning requirements. Due to the proven FANUC robot technology, the J-30iB is highly flexible in any automation requirement and integration motion control.

This multi-axis automation solution guarantees the control and preciseness over all machine axes that are operating simultaneously, and it complies with all safety standards. It intends to facilitate the often times complex project engineering and the integration of a servo axis positioning task, to allow for an easy operation and low maintenance levels.

“FANUC-based J-30iB controller helps manufacturers improve their business agility and increase their productivity at the same time due to complete motion control,” says Thomas Schneider, Product Manager Material Handling & Vision.

The controller is a continuation of all FANUC-based technologies, and therefore reaches the usual high quality standards. It allows for a quick and easy operation thanks to a continued use of familiar FANUC operator control concepts. Especially those who have previous experience with other well-known FANUC products (such as the R-30iB), will see that this controller shares the same look and feel in handling and programming. The J-30iB largely covers the known and well-proven Software-options of FANUC robots, the robot-supported industrial field bus systems are also fully supported.

FANUC offers 3 different standard J-30iB configurations, but individual configurations can be requested and realized after technical evaluation. It will make its first appearance at the largest packaging fair Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, from the 4th – 10th of May.


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