The easy way to collect data

MT-LINKi is a PC software that connects machines in the factory by collecting, managing and making various information about the machines visible. Not only can it connect machines with FANUC CNC’s, but also other peripheral devices (like PLC’s etc.) In addition it contributes to make the machine IoT ready. Information from various sensors can be connected and data can be collected.

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Your advantages:

  • Connecting different kinds of plant equipment such as machine tools, robots and PLCs
  • Collecting various data of the plant equipment
  • Monitoring and visualizing the collected data
  • Communicating with an upper host system such as a manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • No special hardware required
  • Quick and easy setup

Operation management software running on standard PCs. Collect data and monitor the status of your factory’s production equipment

Quick and easy setup

MT-LINKi is easy to set up and has a scalable system architecture. The data acquisition is managed by a dedicated Collector PC software, whereas the data is stored on a Server PC software. The Server PC also provides a web-based user interface for data access and visualization that can be accessed from any PC or tablet computer on the network with a browser. For small systems with only few machines, Collector PC software and Server PC software can run on a single standard personal computer. Up to 100 machines can be handled by one MT-LINKi server. The production results of large systems with more than 100 machines can be combined with the MT-LINKi Integration Server.

Easy data transfer

MT-LINKi makes it easy to access and transfer data from factory equipment such as machine tools with CNCs, robots and PLCs over a network without going down to the factory floor. MT-LINKi will not only allow you to access FANUC CNCs and robots, but also connect third-party equipment via OPC UA.