Connect your communication systems with each other.


Operation management software running on standard PCs. Collect data from and monitor the status of your factory’s production equipment.


  • Connecting different kinds of plant equipment such as machine tools, robots and PLCs
  • Collecting various data of the plant equipment
  • Monitoring and visualizing the collected data
  • Communicating with an upper host system such as a manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • No special hardware required
  • Quick and easy setup

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OPC Server

Use the OPC Server to convert the communication protocol between OPC and FOCAS.

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Program Transfer Tool

Program Transfer Tool enables you to manage part programmes, tool offsets, custom macro value, workpiece origin offset, and tool management using Microsoft Windows®. PC, CNC memory or data server connectivity is via Ethernet.


  • Efficient administration
  • Easy and faster managing of programs
  • Store and organize backups of CNC data

FANUC MT Connect Server