CNC retrofits: let a new FANUC control system extend the operating life of your machine tool


A machine tool is among the most vital and costly pieces of equipment on most shop floors; a significant capital investment that must maintain its viability for many years. Retrofitting an ageing CNC system with a new FANUC control not only delivers long-term cost savings, it also boosts your machine’s productivity, uptime, reliability and efficiency. Importantly, a CNC retrofit using FANUC solutions can help you to meet evolving customer requirements.

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What is a CNC retrofit?

A CNC retrofit involves upgrading the following components:

  • Control system
  • Display unit 
  • Servo and spindle motors
  • Amplifiers
  • Cables
  • l/O units, including the operator panel

A CNC retrofit costs less than a new machine


Retrofitting your machine tool with the latest CNC technologies is typically the most cost-effective and economically sustainable solution to enhance its overall performance. A retrofit project costs significantly less than a new machine, especially when taking into consideration hidden costs such as tooling, fixtures, rigging and foundations. Additionally, new machines may require additional training for operators and maintenance personnel.

Highlights of FANUC CRX Series



  • For all machine tools: Lathes, turning centres, milling machines, machining centres, multi-tasking machines, transfer machines, grinding machines, EDM machines, LASER, waterjet and plasma cutting machines, etc
  • Easily customisable: Develop your own screens and cycles with FANUC PICTURE to reduce operator errors, simplify operator work, improve productivity, and make machine and process control easier.
  • Simple to automate: QSSR (Quick and Simple Start-up of Robotisation) offers simple automation from the CNC panel. The QSSR G-code feature permits personnel to program robots easily through the FANUC CNC in ISO-standard G-code format. As a result, those unfamiliar with robotic programming language no longer require additional training.
  • A great communicator: A new FANUC CNC offers many network functions, including the ability to upload and download programs, adjust parameters, view machine status and implement preventive maintenance strategies.

Specialised, dedicated, FANUC-trained expert companies undertake all retrofit projects, regardless if you are replacing an existing FANUC CNC or an alternative CNC brand.


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