Power Motion i-MODEL A

CNC+PLC technology for high-performance motion applications

FANUC’s Power Motion i is the only CNC that is dedicated to the motion control market. More versatile and cost effective than a PLC, it adds all the benefits of a high-response CNC to your motion control. The integrated ultra-fast PLC processor controls and monitors rapid and smart operation of the machine’s auxiliary devices. Up to five ladder logic programs can be executed at the same time for a total of 24,000 to 300,000 steps 

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Put together your perfect package

Power Motion i’s modular system consists of hardware, software, a drive system as well as worldwide FANUC support. Its servo allows a compact machine design. Choose your entire package or just what you need for your advanced motion control application.

Two types of installation

Power Motion i is available as an LCD-mounted or stand-alone type CNC. The LCD-mounted type benefits from a compact design and minimal wiring. The stand-alone version allows a single display to be interfaced with up to 8 stand-alone Power Motion i controls via Ethernet.

Easy customisation

Highly customisable display units with one or two 10’’ or 15’’ screens, touch or non-touch, and a number of different options to provide you with complete freedom of design for your machines.

FANUC iPendant or HMOP

For maximum flexibility on the shop floor, FANUC has developed the iPendant and HMOP handhelds. Available with or without a touch screen, the FANUC iPendant is ideal for teaching or operations that require you to get close to the application. Designed specifically for easy axis control (jogging), HMOP has a two-line display and comes with or without a hand wheel. 

Programmable as a CNC or as a robot

The PLC is programmed by FANUC Ladder with time saving function blocks. In order to program the CNC, you can choose between ISO programming or teach programming as a robot – in this case, all teach-in operations look exactly like that of a robot controller