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Echternach — FANUC has expanded its extensive range of models by two robots: the M-20iD/35 handling robot and the welding version ARC Mate 120iD/35. The new robot models combine high payload capacity and simplified cable routing through the hollow arm and wrist. Both new robots are controlled by the R-30iB Plus controller.

FANUC has expanded its extensive range of models by two robots: the M-20iD/35 handling robot and the welding version ARC Mate 120iD/35. 
The two models have a maximum payload of 35 kg and a range of 1,831 mm. Both robots, the M-20iD/35 and the ARC Mate 120iD/35 feature new drive train, resulting in the ability to handle heavier loads with significantly higher inertias, while keeping high repeatability up to ± 0.03 mm.

With its characteristics, the M-20iD/35 is ideal for handling tasks, loading and unloading machines or parts manipulation. The hollow wrist design allows for lean installation of additional equipment and enables the robot to be effectively used in tight spaces with reduced wear and tear on the cables. Due to its IP67 protection rating for the arm and wrist axis, it is also well suited for applications under adverse environmental conditions such as grinding or deburring.

The new ARC Mate 120iD/35 welding robot, like its brother the ARC Mate 120iD, has an improved design with optimal passage of cables and media lines. The increased payload capacity makes it uniquely suitable for welding applications when equipment beyond just a standard welding torch is required. Since the ARC Mate 120iD/35 wrist axes are also equipped with protection class IP67, the robot is well protected against splashes or dust making and is the ideal candidate for welding or cutting applications.

The M-20iD/35 and ARC Mate 120iD/35 come with the new R-30iB Plus controller as standard, with all the new features of the controller: integrated vision system, larger memory, faster CPU and new iPendant. The A-Cabinet controller is the most popular in Europe. The smaller, streamlined version is also available in the Mate Cabinet on request.

The digital models of the M-20iD/35 and the ARC Mate 120iD/35 are integrated into the FANUC's own offline programming software ROBOGUIDE. ROBOGUIDE provides integrators, planners and users with a powerful tool that not only allows cells and systems to be designed, but also programmed offline.


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