Flexibilidade máxima nos seus processos de produção

Recolha e acompanhamento eficientes

O iRVision é um sistema de deteção visual plug & play, exclusivo da FANUC. Totalmente integrado no controlador R-30iB, foi concebido para instalação rápida, além de ser fácil de utilizar e ultra-flexível. Com o reconhecimento de peças 2D ou 3D, tem capacidade para localizar peças de trabalho, independentemente do seu tamanho, forma ou posição. Permite ainda ler códigos de barras, ordenar em função da cor e suportar o fornecimento de peças flexível, o acompanhamento da linha visual a alta velocidade (iRPickTool) e a recolha de pacotes/painéis. A chave para aumentar a produtividade, o iRVision suprime a necessidade de posicionadores, gerando uma poupança adicional ao nível dos custos.

Cover all types of vision with iRVision

Thanks to iRVision, each robot works as precisely as a human operator. All types of vision are applicable, ranging from 2D to 3D Vision. The entire range of robots can be equipped with this technology, from the smallest to the strongest robot, also including all our controller types. Based on this vast variety, the iRVision solution is suitable to various applications and industries.

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2D and 2  ½ D vision

iRVision finds parts and their precise positioning and part orientation (X,Y, Z and R). As a result, the production flexibility increases due to the eliminated need for expensive positioning fixtures. 2D vision is suited for any material handling applications, palletising and depalletising applications, as well as for vision inspections.


functions are based on iRVision, but it is a stand-alone service tool to simplify the initial setup, speeding up the entire integration, which results in an improvement of the application accuracy. iRCalibration supports robot vision mastering, mastering recovery, automatic TCP and UFRAME setting and visual setup/calibration of robot multi group such as multi arm arc welding applications. Additional solutions based on vision systems are the iRVision Weld Tip Inspection and the iRTorchMate.

iRVision Weld Tip

iRVision Weld Tip Inspection visually inspects and checks the condition of spot welding tips to identify faults. Capable of conducting a variety of tests, this dedicated software enables you to measure cap wear and identify whether a cap has been replaced or dressed.

iRVision Torch Mate

Designed for the shop floor and fitted with an industrial camera, iRVision TorchMate prevents alignment issues from occurring by keeping the tool centre point exactly on the tool path. Ensuring consistent weld quality, iRVision also increases uptime by eliminating the need for preventive action.

iRPick Tool

iRVision 2D functionality can be added to the iRPickTool to support the detection of randomly placed parts on a moving conveyor. This way, the iRPickTool equips single or multiple robots with the ability to identify, pick and place items in linear and/or circular conveyor tracking. This is supported by a wide range of features including advanced queue management, buffering and tray functionality. Designed to be easy to use for beginners and experts alike, this tool enables you to create standard as well as custom configurations. Easy to set up via plug & play, it does not require TP programming and can be operated conveniently using iPendant touch.