Press Release | August 2020

With an exceptionally large measurement area, the new FANUC 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/1600 improves efficiency in a variety of warehousing applications.

Echternach —With the 3DV/1600, FANUC is introducing a new model to its existing 3D Vision Sensor lineup. An outstanding measurement area of up to 2000 mm vertically and up to 3200x 2800 mm horizontally makes this sensor the ideal choice for a wide range of intelligent robotic applications in warehousing and logistics, especially in applications involving large or tall objects such as boxes or bags stacked on a large pallet.

Where as other vision sensors need to be re-positioned several times in order to capture a complete wide-view picture, the 3DV/1600 is able to capture and locate large objects as a whole in a single wide-view 3D image. Together with a short acquisition time of 300-700ms, the 3DV/1600 thus significantly brings down cycle times, e.g. when depalletizing. And since the sensor no longer has to move around the pallet, it can be fixed-mounted for even shorter process cycle time.

The compact and lightweight 3DV/1600 can also be mounted directly on the robot. This provides more flexibility and removes the need for multiple sensors in applications when the customer would like to locate and pick items from several separate areas or from an extremely large area that is even larger than the field of view of the 3DV/1600.

 At the same time, the sensor’s high resolution camera (2208 x 1920pix) ensures high quality 3D imaging even for moving and difficult to detect objects such as shiny, dark, multi-coloured or semi-transparent items, thus enabling new reliable 3D line-tracking and 3D bin-picking applications. Just like all products in the FANUC’s 3D Vision Sensor series, the 3DV/1600 is easy to install and set up. As part of the FANUC iRVision suite, it is fully integrated into FANUC robots, eliminating any wiring, complex interfaces, or external devices. iRVision setup and programming can be easily done both on a PC and the iPendant Touch, which is a well-known benefit on the shop floor.

Taken together, these characteristics make the 3DV/1600 a flexible choice that can be adapted to numerous applications without any compromise on quality or productivity–for more efficient, seamless workflows in production and logistics.



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