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Despite the fact that automation is already very well established in the automotive industry, OEMs, tier one, two and three suppliers alike can still profit from continuing advances in this field. Indeed, by taking full advantage of intelligent solutions designed to maximise efficiency and increase output, companies are able to remain profitable and competitive in face of increasingly challenging market conditions. Likewise, the high degree of repeatable precision this technology offers suppliers enables them to meet the increasingly high standards being asked of them by OEMs. Regardless of where you are in the automotive supply chain, at FANUC we have a range of solutions designed to optimise your processes and increase your productivity.

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Front-of-line automation for the car industry

Depalletising, loading and line charging – these and many more front-of-line processes are easy to automate using FANUC’s smart systems and tailor-made solutions. Capable of handling payloads up to 1350 kg, these make any number of scenarios possible.

Automating automotive processes with robots

FANUC offers a wide variety of automotive manufacturing solutions for standardised processes commonly found in the automotive industry. These range from dedicated robots equipped with advanced vision and motion control systems to dedicated solutions for assembling, welding, sorting, inspecting or painting. Often these solutions are ideally suited to performing repetitive tasks that demand high levels of throughput and which might pose a health risk to humans. In every case, FANUC has a solution to improve your cycle time and increase throughput.

Automating automotive machining processes

FANUC provides you with high-class CNCs and machines dedicated to the production of automotive components and factory tooling. Whether its drilling, milling, tapping, boring, complex machining, injection moulding or EDM wire cutting, FANUC has a solution to improve your cycle time and increase throughput. Extremely reliably and designed for ultimate accuracy, FANUC products can also be customised to do a vast range of tasks.

End-of-line automation

Automating the end of your automotive production line increases your flexibility, enabling you to react quickly to the trends and challenges involved in providing intelligent and secure good quality packing, storage and logistics. Wrapping, labelling, packing and palletising all involve strenuous and repetitive manual work – something that can easily be done by automated systems for optimised, cost-effective results.

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“Industrial robots allow us to fully automate the manufacturing process. This involves obtaining 100% reproducibility of pieces in terms of quality and quantity. Using robots also gives you greater flexibility in introducing changes on customer demand, and also enables production of several different parts on one machine. In today’s tough market conditions, this is undoubtedly a big advantage and allows us to immediately respond to changes.”

(Andrzej Marcinek, President and Board Member at GEDIA Poland Assembly sp. z o.o.)

Thinking outside of the box

At FANUC we think creatively - and are experts when it comes to automation solutions. Why not let us inspire you with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry? No matter what it is, we will show you every conceivable aspect of your automotive production line that can be automated.
We know what's possible, but also think the impossible.

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