Precision and reduced costs throughout the aerospace value chain

Given the importance of safety for the aircraft industry, achieving maximum precision is essential for aerospace manufacturers. Needless to say, cost also plays a major role in determining priorities along the value chain. These two factors are not mutually exclusive however. As the leading supplier of factory automation solutions, FANUC has built its business on just this premise – creating solutions that deliver the ultimate in repeatable precision and accuracy while driving down costs. Ranging from incredibly reliable high-precision CNCs capable of running highly sophisticated multi-axis machines, to machining centres, wire cut EDMs, injection moulding machines and lasers, FANUC manufactures a whole host of solutions that exactly meet this bill. Likewise, to streamline manufacturing processes FANUC robots can be used throughout a production facility to accomplish an extremely diverse range of tasks. Equipped with vision systems and sensors these can also complete jobs requiring extremely high degrees of precision at very high work rates. Sophisticated Power Motion technology also enables the control of entire production lines, regardless of whether metal, plastics or even composite parts such as carbon fibre, prepregs or other resin components are being processed.

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Front-of-line automation for aircraft manufacturing

Optimise your aerospace value chain right from the very start of the production process using FANUC front-of-line automation. Whether it's material preparation, positioning, thermo forming of parts with an injection moulding machine, tooling or anything else, to help you improve production processes and lower costs any number of aerospace industry processes can be automated. FANUC teach pendants make shop floor programming easy, significantly reducing setup times and shortening your turn arounds.

High precision processing

Through its solutions, FANUC strives to help you achieve maximum precision at every stage of the production process. Whether it’s parts positioning, riveting, drilling, machining complex workpieces or forging of heavy components, FANUC’s tailor-made solutions make it possible to automate even the most challenging aerospace operations to achieve outstanding accuracy. Ultimate reliability, consistency and cost effectiveness are at the heart of this.

Automated handling and picking 

Great savings can be made by automating parts transfer, picking, placing, sorting, machine tending and testing.  Automating these processes not only enables you to optimise your aerospace production processes but also to react flexibly to new developments, thus staying ahead of the competition. This can be further enhanced by the use of smart visual recognition technology and sensor systems.