Echternach – FANUC is well-equipped for future production. At the 2019 Hannover Messe (hall 17, stand A42), the company will be showcasing its wide variety of robot-based automation technology as well as its integration into all production areas via the IoT platform, FIELD system. The exhibition focuses on integrated solutions that cover the entire range from the broad product portfolio to concepts such as "Service First". FIELD system represents FANUC’s current stage of development. One field-tested model is "Zero Down Time" (ZDT), a scalable tool for preventive maintenance. For smaller groups of robots, FANUC now has its own unit, which collects and evaluates operating data and is therefore a model that is also of interest for medium-sized applications.

Among the highlights of FANUC’s stand are the collaborative robots. FANUC is showcasing the current models in different variants, including integration with image processing. We can’t wait to see whether there will be an extension of the model range. Examples for practical applications will be presented by system partners. In Hannover, FANUC will also be showcasing new robot variants such as the R-1000iA with spot-welding package, the new SCARAs, the paint robot P-40iA and an array of modified models.

Also new is "iRProgrammer", which makes it easier to set up and programme robots. This is a software interface that runs on tablets or notebooks. Originally developed for use on the new SCARA robots, the programming software is now approved for all FANUC robots. iRProgrammer is being exhibited on larger robots for the first time in Hannover. The development approach for iRProgrammer was to create a programming option that is both low-cost and low-tech. The fact that tablet PCs are smaller than the original teach pendant provides for much easier day-to-day operation. iRProgrammer certainly complements the iPendant, as the teach pendant is known at FANUC and is ideally suited to making programming changes to existing systems. Essentially there are three types of operation: creating and editing robot programmes, executing these programmes and changing basic settings.

The 6-axis P-40iA robot has been available since last year and together with the P-200iA and the P-50iB it extends the robot range for painting jobs in middle-market companies. Its efficiency and versatility are enhanced by its thin arm and lightweight design and it can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted. The intuitive iPendant in combination with the latest R-30iB Plus controller makes it easier for users to operate it. This robot is key to the expansion of paint activities in General Industry.

Part of FANUC’s development approach has always been the seamless integration of sensors into robot systems. An example of this is image processing, which has been part of FANUC’s work for over 30 years and has long been an integral part of the robot controller. New on the scene is the 3D Vision Sensor, which captures images while the robot is moving, which are then used to determine the gripping position. This "snap-in-motion" function saves time during quick gripping operations because the robot does not have to interrupt its movement in order to snap an image. In addition to the sensor, the integrated service package also contains software and cables. The advantage of all FANUC vision sensors is that all automation interfaces are already available and the hardware required for image processing is already integrated in the robot controller. The 3D Vision Sensor comes into its own when detecting workpieces with shiny and reflective surfaces. In this respect, FANUC is essentially using a technology that is already familiar from the iRPickTool software option and has proved successful in many pick applications.

System integrators and partners at the stand in hall 17 will show how FANUC’s high-performance technology generates innovate applications. GOM will demonstrate the part that robots play in component inspection. Essert is creating an advanced workstation for a barrier-free MRC application and Process Automation Solutions will present a palletising task solution with a CR robot. IPR will be showcasing the RC-1000, a robot with a traversing axis cast from composite concrete together with a FANUC M-710iC.

We will be exhibiting at: The Hannover Trade and Industry Fair, hall 17, stand A42.

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