Statement from Dr. Y. Inaba

(June 22nd, 2016)

Munich: Dr. Y. Inaba spent two days at this year’s Automatica trade fair in Munich. The FANUC president devoted most of his time to meeting customers, but he also spent over two hours touring the technology exhibits in the other halls.

"This show is amazing,” said Dr. Inaba. “It is very much on par with other robotics shows around the world." He continued: "It’s a very lively trade fair. There is a wide range of collaborative robots on display, including our own FANUC green robot, but there is still much to do in this area."

Dr. Inaba also noted the strong focus on Industry 4.0 and how FANUC and other companies are contributing. "Zero Downtime is a project that we are actively pursueing. It is an important component of Industry 4.0. There’s huge potential here and it highlights the creativity of our engineers. That’s where a trade fair like Automatica acts as a very welcome showcase."