Operator Panels

Machine Operator's Panels and MDI Units are additional devices that are dedicated to FANUC CNCs. You can use Machine Operator's Panels to perform general machine operations such as moving axes manually in JOG mode, switching between operation modes, starting and stopping programs and adjusting the feedrate. The acronym "MDI" means manual data input device. An MDI UNit is a keyboard-like device you can use to manually input data into a CNC.

Machine Operator’s Panels

"FANUC'S Machine Operator's Panels are available in different sizes and configurations. The emergency stop button, feedrate and spindle override switches and power switches can be located on the main panel or on a separate sub panel. Many different combinations are possible, making it easy to adapt the panel layout to the space constraints of every machine.

The Safety Machine Operator's Panel is suitable for machines that use FANUC's Dual Check Safety function. It resembles the standard Machine Operator's Panel, but all key switches have dual contacts. The assigned signals can therefore be used as safety-related input signals."

MDI Units

"MDI units with the compact ONG layout have alphanumeric keys that are arranged in a way to simplify the input or modification of part programs. They are available in different sizes and in 2 variants for machining centers or for lathes.

MDI units with the versatile QWERTY layout have the keys arranged like on a conventional PC keyboard, making it easy to adapt to them. Inputting text, e.g. comments in part programs, descriptive tool names etc. is easier with the familiar QWERTY layout. They are available in different sizes.

All MDI units have operation keys and menu keys which are necessary to input data and switch between CNC menu screens."