MACRO compiler and library

Your powerful programming language for machining or machine management purposes, the Macro Executor function converts, loads and executes custom macro programmes (P-CODE macro) into F-ROM (CNC Flash Memory). The benefits of this language include high code execution speeds, maximum program safety, easy call procedures and extension of the CNC control function set.


  • Creation of customized functions and programs
  • Modification of Macro Programs to follow machine and production evolution
  • Powerful programming language for machining or machine management purpose

Some NC programs such as technology functions or programs created using custom macros do not need to be modified once created. Other NC programs, such as machining programs, evolve during machining.

The Macro Executor function can convert a Custom Macro program created by the machine tool builder to an executable macro program, load the executable macro programm (P-CODE macro) into F-ROM (CNC Flash Memory), and execute it.

The function which converts a Custom Macro program to an Executable Macro program is called the Macro Compiler. The function which reads and executes a P-CODE macro is called the Macro Executor.

The Macro Library is part of the CNC Application Development Kit.