A new generation of advanced technology

Improved cycle times meet speed and accuracy

The R-30iB controller is FANUC’s new standard for smarter productivity. Featuring a new generation of advanced integrated hardware and more than 250 software functions, it is your key to robot performance in terms of cycle-time, speed, accuracy and safety. Designed for increased user friendliness and minimal energy consumption, the R-30iB comes in four different cabinets to help you make the most of your floor space and production cell layouts.

Integrated Programmable Machine Control

The R-30iB robot controller's integrated, high-performance PMC has access to the entire robot I/O system, enabling easy separate or asynchronical control of peripheral devices with no detrimental effects on robot performance.

Controller features for more flexibility

Two R-30iB controllers, one opened to display interior.

Easy system diagnosis

thanks to iRDiagnostics as standard

Flexible integration

thanks to multiple Ethernet ports

Great connectivity

thanks to a broad range of field bus and safety bus options