Intelligent 3-D robot simulation

FANUC ROBOGUIDE is a robot simulator that simulates both the robot’s motion and application commands, significantly reducing the time it takes to create new motion setups. To ensure minimal impact on production, cells can be designed, tested and modified entirely offline. To save 3-D modelling time, part models can be imported from a PC as CAD data. The robot simulation software’s extensive library also allows users to select and modify parts and dimensions as required. Designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to use, ROBOGUIDE requires very little, if any, training. It is also available with dedicated tools for specific applications.

Robot modelling and control for fast, trouble-free setups

Robot simulator features for more productivity

  • virtual teach pendant
  • program verification
  • Ethernet connection
  • guides and extensive help
  • application plug ins
  • auxiliary axes, positioners and machines

Dedicated robot simulation tools for motion applications

ROBOGUIDE is also available with a number of application-specific software tools. Whether it's deburring, handling, paint spraying, palletising or welding, every single motion-planning tool has been designed to improve productivity by eliminating the risk of error and reducing setup and cycle times.