Matching highest requirements

With human lives sometimes at stake, quality, reliability and repeatability are critical to the production of medical products. Whether your processes involve CNC machining or handling robots the same exacting standards always apply. Built around the world’s most reliable CNC, every FANUC solution has been designed specifically to meet these requirements by delivering maximum precision and incredible repeatable accuracy. What is more, because manufacturing medical products often pose challenges, such as gas and viscosity issues affecting transparent moulded items in injection moulding or wire breakages slowing down the production of precision instruments using thin wire EDM, FANUC has developed a wide variety of solutions specifically designed to resolve these problems. The result is not only extremely high levels of repeatability but also improved cycle times, better productivity and lower operating costs.

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"In FANUC we definitely have a reliable expert partner"

(Michael Leibold, Head of Engineering, Leibold & Amann)

Optimised from the very start

Optimise your value chain right from the very start of the production process using FANUC front-of-line automation. Depalletising, loading, line charging or thermo forming your packaging – many tasks in the medical industry can easily be automated. Taking care of the particular requirements of delicate environments we provide individual solutions for safe processes in the manufacture of medical parts.

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"For the control of our machines, we need CNC and drive systems that guarantee high performance and that we can depend on 100%. In all the years that we have been cooperating with FANUC, these requirements have been fulfilled completely. Likewise for our new MultiSwiss solution, we cooperated at a technical level in the true spirit of partnership."
(Lionel Perret, Product Manager Tornos)

High precision processing

Producing and processing high-tech medical devices seamlessly poses a considerable challenge in the manufacturing of medical parts. Taking in everything from injection moulding, CNC machining, wire EDM to pick and place, sorting and packaging, FANUC’s tailor-made solutions make it possible to automate almost every conceivable process within the medical industry. This includes cost-effective solutions for high-precision micro products, clean room and special coating applications and much more. Needless to say, our solutions are fully compliant with hygiene regulations and clean room standards.

End of line is not end of story

Automating the end of your production line not only offers cost benefits but resolves health and safety issues since workers no longer need to lift heavy and potentially dangerous parts. Likewise, wrapping, labelling, packing and palletising all involve strenuous and repetitive manual work that can be easily done more effectively by automated systems.

Thinking outside of the box

At FANUC we think creatively - and are experts when it comes to automation solutions. Why not let us inspire you with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry? No matter what it is, we will show you exactly what we can automate on your sheet metal production line.

We know what's possible, but also think the impossible.

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