A new generation of advanced technology

The R-30iB Plus controller is FANUC’s new standard for smarter productivity. It is destined to contribute to the easier use of robots and automation in the manufacturing industry. Featuring a new generation of advanced integrated hardware and more than 250 software functions, it is your key to robot performance in terms of cycle-time, speed, accuracy and safety. Designed for increased user friendliness and minimal energy consumption, the R-30iB Plus comes in five different cabinets to help you make the most of your floor space and production cell layouts. With a flexible appearance, the user interface, iHMI, has a convincing screen resolution and a strong processing capability.

Learn more about the improvements compared to the previous generation of controller:

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Integrated Programmable Machine Control

The R-30iB Plus robot controller's integrated, high-performance PMC has access to the entire robot I/O system, enabling easy separate or asynchronical control of peripheral devices with no detrimental effects on robot performance.

More flexibility for more production capacity

Easy system diagnosis

thanks to iRDiagnostics as standard

Flexible integration

thanks to multiple Ethernet ports

Great connectivity

thanks to a broad range of field bus and safety bus options