The right solution whatever your product

Just taking a quick look around you will reveal an innumerable number of objects that have been produced, processed or packaged using FANUC technologies. And not only that, FANUC constantly strives to improve your processes and make production more efficient. Whatever your task, whatever your material, industry or market, FANUC provides exactly the right solution for you and your product.

Higher manufacturing productivity along your value chain

Add value to your entire manufacturing process using smart FANUC factory automation solutions. Dedicated to every phase of your production process, we support you with front of line, processing, picking, handling and end of line applications.

End of line:

automated solutions for more efficient packaging, palletising, handling and loading

Front of line:

flexible solutions for depalletising, loading and line charging


intelligent picking solutions offering uninterrupted speed, accuracy and dexterity


smart systems to reduce your cycle times and increase your productivity whatever you produce