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Small and medium-sized companies are seeking multi-purpose automation solutions that can easily adapt to different production applications, are easy to manage and can work alongside operators without the need to invest in guarding.


Desmasa’s new MCR (Mobile Collaborative Robot) is a multi-purpose unit designed to work with human operatives in a multitude of production applications.


Focusing on reliability and experience, Desmasa uses two versions of FANUC’s CRX collaborative robot (CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L) in its new model.

The MCR model is perfect for a multitude of production applications and is available with two models of the FANUC CRX: the CRX-10iA with a reach of 1249 mm; and the CRX-10iA/L, which has a reach of 1418 mm. The load capacity of both robots is 10 kg, ensuring their versatility in a host of factory tasks.

The MCR is perfect for repetitive work, enabling operators to focus on more complex operations. Notably, it is possible for customers to recoup their investment quickly as the flexibility of each unit ensures its suitability for many different industrial applications.

Desmasa’s MCR collaborative robotic unit is ideal for: 

  • Palletising and de-palletising (boxes, bags, trays, etc.)
  • End of line systems
  • Feeding CNC machines
  • Loading and unloading
  • Automated quality control
  • Packing and palletising
  • Serving assembly lines
  • Pick-and-place machines
  • Laboratory work
  • Automatic control systems
  • Machine supervision


The main features of Desmasa’s MCR models include:

  1. Ease of transportation and mobility around the production plant.
  2. Simple positioning in the workplace.
  3. Instantaneous start-up.
  4. Clear, intuitive and customisable handling. Software/interface adapted to every application.
  5. 100% collaborative. These robots are totally safe for operators thanks to their motion sensors, as any interference causes them to stop immediately.
  6. Easy integration in tight spaces. The MCR can fit into a space 60% smaller than a traditional robot, which is especially important for companies looking to optimise small production facilities.
  7. CE certification for all models.


Desmasa has worked to make the MCR configurable through various peripherals to suit a multitude of different applications. These options include:

  • HIGH SPEED MODE: The robot operates at industrial speed and slows to collaborative speed when it detects an operator within its safety area.
  • AGV: Fitted with automated equipment. Thanks to the AGV, the robot can move around without the need for an operator.  The MCR travels from one point to another while recognising its environment, detecting obstacles and searching for alternative routes.
  • ARTIFICIAL VISION CAMERA: With artificial vision the robot can perform complex applications such as bin picking.

Desmasa’s MCR and its FANUC robot can meet all production plant requirements with a single unit. The solution is perfect for companies of all sizes that are looking to automate their manufacturing processes. Complete customisation is also possible.

For more information visit or contact Tel. 947470940.

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