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The manufacture of plastic products is not easy, especially when the list of demands includes dimensional stability, high-quality aesthetics, high productivity, low energy consumption and low maintenance. And yet these were the ambitions of Poelsan Plastic, a Turkey-based leader in plastic product manufacturing, when seeking a suitable injection moulding machine partner.

The answer arrived in the shape of FANUC’s latest-generation ROBOSHOT α-SiB all-electric injection moulding machines, several of which are now in place at the company’s state-of-the-art factory. Attracted to the all-electric operation and low TCO (total cost of ownership), as well as the productive and high-quality performance, ROBOSHOT machines are now the heartbeat of operations at Poelsan Plastic.

The company processes 10,500 tonnes of plastic a year using its FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB high-precision injection moulding machines, which range in capacity from 50 to 220 tonnes. Poelsan is achieving operational excellence in terms of cost and quality, while tapping into benefits such as high energy savings and low maintenance requirements.

About Polesan Plastic

The origins of Poelsan Plastic date back to 1985 when Yaşar Dağdelen founded Dağdelen Mould Industry. After a period of significant growth, in 1994 the company took on a new name, Poelsan Plastic. Poelsan soon became an industry pioneer as the first company in Turkey to manufacture compression fitting for polyethylene roll pipes. Providing the foundation for its success, the company today has more than 500 employees and exports to over 80 countries, backed by accreditations that include ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.


Poelsan manufactures plastic products that include automatic irrigation systems, compression fittings, valves and valve boxes, and drip line fittings, largely serving sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and potable water.

With over 2000 product types we constantly aim to expand our product range,” states Filiz Dağdelen Günday, Deputy Chair of the Board of Directors and daughter of company founder Yaşar Dağdelen. “We always look to manufacture sustainably, without sacrificing quality. As a global company, Poelsan contributes to the nation’s economy and meets the future needs of customers through continuous growth and investments in the latest manufacturing technologies.

Currently capable of processing 10,500 tonnes of plastic a year, Poelsan relies on numerous latest-generation FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB all-electric injection moulding machines to manufacture its products. At the company 67,880 m² factory near Samsun on the Black Sea coast, several ROBOSHOT models are in situ, extending from 50 to 220 tonnes in capacity. Among the latest products to benefits from ROBOSHOT technology is the PoelsanARC range of automatic irrigation systems.

The manufacture of all products within the scope of the automatic irrigation system project was designed with FANUC ROBOSHOT machines in mind,” says Ercan Eren, Director of Operations at Poelsan Plastic. “In the design of these products we aim to achieve operational excellence from a technical perspective, while simultaneously enjoying injection moulding machine benefits such as high energy savings and low maintenance costs.”

Of course, in plastic injection moulding, achieving consistent production in terms of dimensional stability, aesthetics and quality is not always possible. But with FANUC ROBOSHOT machines, Poelsan has the perfect solution.

FANUC ROBOSHOT technology is ideal for low mould and machine wear, while also providing precise production parameters and calibration proficiency to suit all engineering applications,” says Ercan Eren. “In addition, the machines greatly enhance component quality in plastic materials with their advanced mechanical and thermal properties. Ultimately, FANUC ROBOSHOT machines make it easier to control the many details that require attention during production, helping us achieve high-quality output.

Filiz Dağdelen Günday adds: “Thanks to FANUC’s injection moulding technologies it has become easier to reduce costs and control quality. We are very pleased to work with FANUC as a reliable partner.”