Flexible CNC systems and solutions

Boasting the widest range of CNC systems in the industry, FANUC provides everything you will ever need for your CNC – from best value controls with powerful functionality to high-performance control systems for complex machines. Controls, motors and amplifiers, cables and connectors come in easy-to-install packages tailored to your specific needs. Quick to program and easy to use, they guarantee maximum quality and short cycle times.

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Explore your possibilities with FANUC advanced machining

  • multiple axes for complex parts
  • high speed processing
  • ultra smooth, sculptured surfaces and contours
  • machine protection to safeguard your investment
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FANUC motion control for fast linear handling

Incorporating an integrated PMC/PLC, the Power Motion i-A CNC motion controller can control up to 32 motion axes in 4 paths. The Power Motion i-MODEL A has been developed for high performance, multi-axes general motion applications.
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Key benefits of FANUC CNC systems

Highest precision and accuracy at maximum speed

Whatever your workpiece, FANUC CNC steers your machining operations with unrivalled reliabilty at extremely low cost per part and provides for improved productivity.

Workpieces created with FANUC machines

CNC Machining:

the ultimate in control, precision and performance

CNC Milling:

fast machining times meet superlative surfaces

CNC Drilling:

making quick work of most drilling, tapping, boring and grinding applications

Injection Moulding:

CNC for repeatable precision and consistent accuracy whatever the product

Nano Smoothing:

intelligent CNC features that reduce the need for manual finishing on machining processes

PCD Processing:

straightforward PCD tool programming

Precision Mechanics:

software features for ultimate precision no matter how small the object

Ideal for easy automation

FANUC CNC systems and robots share a common control platform, making full-automation scenarios simple. Robots used for loading and unloading can be integrated quickly and easily into your machine design, and connected seamlessly via a standard interface.
FANUC solutions for machine tending

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