Laser sources, CNC and drives as unique one stop solution

Take advantage of the CNC market leader’s expertise in high-quality laser applications. FANUC’s fully integrated solution features specifically designed CO2  laser sources from 1 to 6 kW, CNC with integrated laser control and high-performance drive systems – all bundled into an interfaced package that delivers high-efficiency metal sheet separation with 99.9% reliability. To find the right solution for your application, just ask. We are always glad to advise.

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Handling of laser cutted parts made easy

Supplementing your FANUC Laser package with FANUC handling robots is easy since all FANUC CNC systems and robots share a common control platform. Robots can be integrated quickly and easily into your laser machine processes, with machine/robot connectivity achieved via a standard interface. The CNC’s integrated screens monitor and control the robot and vice versa – something that can be further enhanced using FANUC handling solutions equipped with visual detection. Just ask – we love coming up with solutions.

FANUC's handling solutions

Efficient and reliable Laser cutting

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