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This automation task required a robotic cell for the machining of ring-shaped bearings with larger dimensions. The unfinished rings are brought on a pallet to the cell, and the robot loads them into a vertical CNC lathe. When the machining operation is complete, the robot arm unloads the piece and replaces it with another unfinished one.


The systems integrator Mikron Plus provided a solution to their customer by building a cell using a FANUC R-2000iC/210L robot with a load capacity of 210 kilograms. Mikron used FANUC's 3D Vision Sensor to enable the robot to recognize and pick up the raw material rings. A challenge with long chips generated during the machining process was overcome with FANUC's CNC Servo Learning Oscillation function. The function provides vibration during the machining that breaks chips into smaller pieces without sacrificing accuracy.


The client increased productivity and reduced production costs. The robotic cell functions in a highly autonomous way, reducing dependence on labor. Accuracy and quality are guaranteed.

About Mikron Plus

Mikron Plus, a systems integrator with more than 20 years of experience, is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and specializes in CNC machines and automating production processes. Their experienced engineers prepare turnkey automation solutions. Starting with an initial concept, Mikron designs the system and implements it all the way to the final, client-approved solution, including installation, start-up, and training.

As skilled labor shortages continue worldwide, manufacturers are looking for ways to automate their processes. Mikron Plus offers complete CNC machining solutions and uses only FANUC robots.

FANUC System Integrator

Franc Zajec, CEO of Mikron Plus, describes his company's relationship with FANUC.

"We are a system integrator for FANUC Adria, with whom we have been cooperating since the beginning. For robotization projects we exclusively use FANUC robots, which have proven to be robust, precise, and highly reliable. We also use FANUC's 2D and 3D Vision Sensors, and our CNC machines are mostly equipped with FANUC controls."

Tomaž Peterlin, Sales Manager, describes the system Mikron created for their customer.

"The client contacted us with a request to prepare a robotic cell for the machining of rings for bearings of larger dimensions. We prepared a solution in the center of which is FANUC's R-2000iC/210L robot with a load capacity of 210 kg. It is designed in a way that the operator brings raw materials loaded onto the pallet into the cell. Using FANUC's 3D Vision Sensor, the robot recognizes and picks them up with double grippers and positions them on two CNC vertical lathes and one machining center. The cell is equipped with a measuring system that enables 100% control and makes sure that all machined workpieces meet the requirements."

Problem with Long Chips Solved

During the process of testing the solution, a problem was encountered. Peterlin relates the story.

"While we were preparing the technology we encountered a challenge with long chips. We solved this challenge using FANUC’s Servo Learning Oscillation function which proved to be very effective."

The Servo Learning Oscillation Function is a feature provided by FANUC’s CNC to address the problem of larger, longer pieces of metal coming off a workpiece during the process of machining. These large chips can cause machine downtime and affect the quality of the finished product. The oscillation function breaks chips into small pieces, preventing such difficulties, and making waste disposal easier, with no sacrifice in the quality of the finished product.

Mr. Peterlin expressed his satisfaction with the results.

"With our solution of the robotic cell, the client increased productivity and reduced production costs. High autonomy of operations is guaranteed and all components are connected as a whole in accordance with Industry 4.0. And with built-in FANUC components, quality and reliability are guaranteed."