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Objective: Giuliani manufactures high-productivity transfer machines for the lock & key market. The aim is to combine high volumes with maximum speed and reliability, together with a simple approach and the option of interfacing with the company's software in the context of Industry 4.0.

Solution: Equipped with CNC FANUC 31i-B and anthropomorphic robot M-10, MCL - the multi-station in-line transfer machine - can achieve production of up to 700 keys per hour. It consists of 18 stations and enables full key production, from rough-cut to finished product, without any operator supervision.

Result: Thanks to the collaboration with FANUC technology and the availability of a swift and extensive global support service, for more than 60 years, Giuliani has been the global benchmark for the production of automated machines for key processing. 


These small valuable objects pass through our hands every day; they keep our personal belongings safe and open the doors to everything we hold dear. Deceptively simple in shape, keys are actually a product with a surprisingly advanced technological background. Although they have remained essentially the same for millennia, in the last century, progress in the mechanical industry coupled with the creative genius of visionary inventors have transformed the key into a veritable masterpiece of mass production.

Precision, flexibility, high productivity and competitiveness: these are the features required of machines dedicated to the lock and key industry. And it is these requirements that Giuliani, world leader in the production of automated machines for key processing, completely fulfils, alongside a full range of services and customer support - the result of more than 60 years of experience in locks. For 20 years, Giuliani has been working with FANUC, who have been furnishing the factory in Faenza with drive technology, numerical controls and robots to automate the transfer machines.

An historic business looks to the future

Giuliani was established in 1957, when the company’s founder, Tonino Giuliani, commenced a pioneering activity in the development of machines for processing locks and keys. In 1999, Giuliani became part of the Bucci Industries Group, who were involved in the automation and industrial robotics sector and the new advanced composite materials sector. A few years later, with the aim of supporting the group’s growth, which had stagnated over the years, Giuliani moved its head office and production facility to Faenza (RA). Today, the Group employs more than 1000 people across 14 sites, 4 in Italy and 10 abroad (United States, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, China, Belgium and Switzerland).

Giuliani designs, develops and produces high-precision, high-productivity machine tools for various manufacturing markets around the world. In particular, Giuliani manufactures both rotary and in-line transfer machines,” confirmed Dario Cusumano, Managing Director of Giuliani.

The ability to know how to manage projects with a high technology content thanks to consolidated experience in all sectors in which the company is active, together with the quality and competitiveness of its plant, enables Giuliani to position itself as leader in the construction of high-productivity machines that are robust, solid, technologically advanced and proven to be durable - and that are dedicated to working non-stop 24/7.

The innovation expressed by our machines is based on concepts inspired by transparency, simplicity of process and reliability of result,” added Cusumano. The machine control system has thus been developed with the aim of appearing simple as well as reliable.

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Giuliani machines are sold all over the world. Only FANUC has been able to combine experience, technology, international support and high reliability.” - Dario Cusumano, Managing Directorof Giuliani

Experience and technology in the lock and key industry

As regards lock & key, Giuliani manufactures key processing machines with stand-alone process or multi station in-line process (full processing from rough-cut to finished product); machines for fully processing casings and rotors for locks and padlocks, including broaching; machines for the automatic assembly of rotors in cylinders, assembly of combinations and assembly of the box; machines for conducting functional tests of keys in fitted locks.

Of particular interest is the new MCL machine - a high-productivity multi-station in-line transfer machine for the full key production process - which can run 24/7, without any operator supervision.

In fact, MCL is capable of combining in a single line the procedures for: coining of the bow, laser marking, milling of the profile, backrounding and slotting of the blade, broaching of the plugs, chamfering of the tip, notch bitting, plug bitting, wave bitting, deburring, code marking, brushing, 100% quality control and ringing.

Equipped with CNC FANUC 31i-B, which enables control of up to 72 axes, the machine consists of 18 stations. Production of up to 700 keys per hour can be achieved and ringing of up to 6 keys.


Machines ready for the future

MCL is dedicated to the high-end lock and key market. It enables full processing of keys, from rough-cut to finished product, ready for dispatch,” remarked Simone Malavolti, Sales Area Manager at Giuliani. It guarantees maximum flexibility with the option of processing different keys, without the need for retooling.

All machines manufactured by Giuliani are designed for interfacing with business software in line with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements. “The system receives orders directly from the client company’s network and translates it into a processing program dedicated to every single code in the process, routing it throughout its entire production process,” stated Malavolti.

FANUC 100% automation

Machine automation is enhanced by the presence of a FANUC M-10 robot for feeding the line inlet. “One of the strengths of in-line transfers is the switching of product and equipment without any operator being present,” explained Malavolti.

This is all made possible by a multi-feed of the rough-cut product by an automatic and robotic change of equipment: in fact, our vices automatically adapt to the product’s profile, thanks to the CNC system incorporated in these transfers”.

Even for rotary transfers dedicated to high-volume production with reduced cycle times, automation plays a key part in optimising production efficiency. The compact transfer machine TDRILL, for example, is supported by a SCARA FANUC SR robot, which operates in the section at the end of the line.

Twenty-year partnership

Giuliani and FANUC have been collaborating for 20 years. “This has enabled us to remain constantly at the forefront of the technology market,” emphasised Cusumano. In fact, up to now, all Giuliani's in-line transfers have been equipped with FANUC CNCs from the 31i-B series, the control line developed for highly complex machines multi-path with a number of axes, where there is a need for high-precision, high-speed processing.

The two companies also share a global vision when it comes to customer service, since both can rely on a worldwide service ready to respond swiftly to any request for support. “Giuliani machines are sold all over the world”, concluded Cusumano. “Only FANUC has been able to combine experience, technology, international support and high reliability.