Versatile high-speed robot for a range of operations including welding, handling and palletising

Fast, slim, reliable – capable of handling up to 130 kg and reaching up to 2.2 m, the standard 6 or 5 axis R-1000 series is ideal for handling applications involving medium payloads. Designed primarily for material handling and spot welding, best cycle times result from high acceleration speeds whilst the series' slim design saves precious floor space.

High-speed industrial robot for the automotive industry

Maximum accuracy, very high operating speeds and outstanding reliablity are what the automotive industry is looking for when it comes to spot welding. With the R-1000 series FANUC has purpose built an industrial robot perfectly suited to the needs of high-density, compact spot welding applications. IP67 protection and wrist motors at the rear of J3 keep sensitive parts away from hot, wet or dirty environments   

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