FANUC Servo Positioners open up your options and give you the ability to do more with your FANUC robot. Models cover a range of payloads up to 9000 kg and, depending on your needs, offer varying degrees of speed and flexibility. Sharpen your competitive edge and increase your productivity by adding FANUC Servo Positioners on applications, such as arc welding, that require maximum tool dexterity and speed.
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Easy programmming

FANUC Servo Positioners offer more flexibility on a wide range of applications. Their set up and programming is quick and easy thanks to dedicated FANUC software and FANUC Roboguide’s ready-to-use offline programming options.

Models and specifications to meet your needs

1-axis Hollow Positioner

  • Payload: 500 kg - 1500 kg – NEW 5000 kg – NEW 9000 kg
  • Large hollow flange for easy cables routing
  • Superior repeatability (+/- 0.02 mm) for the best quality welding results
  • Lightweight and compact design

1-axis Compact Positioner

  • Payload: 2000 kg
  • Compact design
  • Superior repeatability (+/- 0.02 mm) for the best quality welding results
  • High allowable inertia allows positioning of large parts

2-axes Positioner

  • Payload: 500 kg
  • Integrated cable management
  • High repeatability (+/- 0.05 mm) for precise part positioning

Haven‘t found what you are looking for in our lineup of positioners?

Get in touch and discover our customised auxiliary axes hardware/software packages to build your own robot positioner.

  • Up to 72 auxiliary axes controlled simultaneously
  • Up to 4 robots controlled simultaneously
  • Motor power up to 24kW and intermittent torque up to 130Nm
  • Many software functions available: Coordinated motion, Root Pass Memorization, Dynamic User Frame, and many more.

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