Ultimate flexibility for your production processes

Efficient picking and tracking

iRVision is FANUC's unique plug & play visual detection system. Fully integrated into the R-30iB controller, it has been designed to be quick to install, easy to use and ultra-flexible. Using either 2D or 3D part recognition, it is capable of locating workpieces whatever their size, shape or position. It can also read bar codes, sort according to colour and support flexible parts feeding, high-speed visual line tracking (iRPickTool) and bin/panel picking. The key to increased productivity, iRVision eliminates the need for jigs thereby creating additional cost savings.

Cover all types of vision with iRVision

Thanks to iRVision, each robot works as precisely as a human operator. All types of vision are applicable, ranging from 2D to 3D Vision. The entire range of robots can be equipped with this technology, from the smallest to the strongest robot, also including all our controller types. Based on this vast variety, the iRVision solution is suitable to various applications and industries.

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2D and 2  ½ D vision

iRVision finds parts and their precise positioning and part orientation (X,Y, Z and R). As a result, the production flexibility increases due to the eliminated need for expensive positioning fixtures. 2D vision is suited for any material handling applications, palletising and depalletising applications, as well as for vision inspections.

3D Laser vision

iRVision 3DL uses a hybrid sensor head (FANUC development) for the 3D vision function. 3DL head uses structured laser light projections for reliable detections. The projection of structured light make the system robust against various surface conditions (e.g. flat metal, rust, wet, discolorations, etc.).

3D Area Sensor

iRVision 3D Area Sensor uses a projector sensor head for 3D vision detection. The 3D Area Sensor acquires 3D points data (3D map) in a wide area by projecting stripe patterns very quickly for reliable detection. These enable the robot to identify and pick loose parts out of a bin even if parts are dirty, rusty, oily or, as in the case of bags, exhibit no clearly recognisable features. 3D Area Sensor could be used for depalletising, bin picking and other material handling applications. The projection of structured light make the system robust against various surface conditions (e.g. rust, wet, discolorations, etc.).