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Mr. Burov please describe the main activities of MAGNA Powertrain in Bulgaria.

MAGNA Powertrain is part of the MAGNA family, which is a mobility technology company and one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry. In Bulgaria, the company started operation in 2012 by acquiring the German company Ixetic, part of which is the current plant in Rakovski Industrial Zone, Plovdiv District. In 2014, the company invested in the expansion and building of the second production facility, in order to double the production capacity. 
The plant of MAGNA Powertrain manufactures and assembles components for hydraulic and vacuum pumps and gear housings. The major part of the machining operations are for steel rotors and aluminum housings.

You are a Maintenance manager at MAGNA Powertrain. What are the main activities and responsibilities of your team?

Currently my team has 25 people, responsible for more than 140 machines. Maybe it sounds trivial, but the task of the Maintenance Department is relatively simple – stable production with minimum unplanned downtime. Behind the simple wording, however, there are many details.

It is my impression that most plants still work as per an old, well-known scheme - something breaks, the maintenance department changes it and the job is done. At first glance, it seems logical, but the important thing here is to answer the question, “What caused the breakdown?” – Was it the operator, the machine construction, wear of the machine or another external factor?

Our work includes a complex and careful monitoring of every machine and system in the plant. In the automotive sector, we would not achieve the results and position of World Class Manufacturer without working systematically and consistently.

In summary, the Maintenance Department at MAGNA Powertrain works with facts, data, analytic tools and verification methods when there is a problem with the equipment. We are certain that any malfunctions that appear are eliminated securely and the risk of any delays to our customers is minimized.

Part of the equipment in the plant is manufactured by FANUC. How does it contribute to your business?

Yes, in the production we now have three ROBODRILL D21LiA5 machines. We use them to manufacture aluminum housing for vacuum pumps. The first machine was installed in 2012 and to cover our production needs, in 2014, we installed the other two machines.

Furthermore, three months ago, we transferred one robot LR Mate 100i from another MAGNA plant and it is used in the pre-assembly station. We also use 10 MAKINO machines, which are equipped with older generation FANUC CNC.

MAGNA is known as a world leader for whom quality is the first priority. What differentiates FANUC ROBODRILL machines? What are their main characteristics?

We consider the main advantage of the modified ROBODRILL D21LiA5 is the ability of machining work-pieces to use five axes at the same time. It is also possible to combine drilling and milling operations, which is necessary in our specific case. At the same time, they are compact and easy to operate.

For us it is also extremely important that FANUC robomachines provide the necessary precision we need.

In my opinion, another important "plus" of ROBODRILL is a high-speed spindle and the fast tool change. Thus, we are able to meet the customer's requirements for the surface quality as well as the cycle time.

What is the productivity of ROBODRILL D21LiA5?

At present, the three machines are working in three-shift mode, five or six days a week. Each of them produces over 800 parts per day. If one of them is out of order, it means big production losses for us and then it is extremely important to be able to rely on the fast and competent service of FANUC Bulgaria.

Mr. Burov, what is your impression of the maintenance services provided by FANUC Bulgaria?

FANUC Bulgaria service engineers have in-depth knowledge of the machines. They analyze the problem quickly and resolve it correctly. They are efficient, without wasting our time or our resources.

On which occasions do you use the support of the FANUC Service Department?

We need support mainly with the planning and repair of complex mechanical units, when there is a specific problem unknown to us. When that happens, we are confident that the respective engineer will analyze the situation and will do the service in the best possible way. This means that the needed spare parts will be ordered and delivered before the repair starts, which reduces the time needed to fix the breakdown and allows flexible planning of the production.

What is the response time of the FANUC Bulgaria Service Department?

Their quick reaction sometimes surprises me. Usually the service engineers are able to respond within 24 hours. Of course, in this case our business is also a strong motivating factor, which does not allow decisions to be delayed.

Are you satisfied with the availability and the quality of FANUC spare parts?

Yes, of course. One of FANUC's undisputable qualities in comparison with other manufacturers is that all spare parts are available during the lifetime of a machine. We have equipment that is more than 10 years old, and we do not face particular difficulties with the supply of spare parts.

In addition to using original spare parts, we can rely on the correct installation and assembly and a one-year warranty.

One of the services offered by FANUC Bulgaria is phone assistance. Have you benefited from this service?

Yes, and in this case we receive a timely and adequate response.

The advice that my colleagues and I receive is in the right direction and they are really helpful. In this case, trust again plays an important role. The FANUC service engineers know us and our work and the equipment we are using. Over the years, we have built a good partnership, so the FANUC maintenance service engineers are able to accurately determine which activities can be delegated to us over the phone and when their personal visit is necessary. This once again saves us time and resources.

Would you rely on the FANUC brand and FANUC Bulgaria Service Department in future?

Given the quality of the equipment, as well as the availability of the maintenance service in Bulgaria and its competitive price on the market - yes, I would rely on the brand again.

I can also say that if FANUC machines are used properly, the need for a service intervention will be no more than once a year.

The biggest factor that shifts the balance towards FANUC is that I can rely on capable and qualified engineers with whom I communicate freely and efficiently. They are only about 100 km from MAGNA’s plant - a negligible distance nowadays.

In summary of our conversation - what is FANUC for you?

FANUC means a world-class partner!