The future lies in the collaboration

Imagine a world without safety fences, a world in which humans work side-by-side with robots. In this world, robots would execute all strenuous tasks, enabling humans to dedicate their precious time to lighter, more skilled or demanding tasks.

With FANUC collaborative robots, that world has already come into existence. By integrating them into existing production environments, robots directly collaborate with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team. Alongside humans, they take over tedious, repetitive tasks, lifting up to 50 kg, thus maintaining the human’s health while automating entire assembly lines. Meet below our CR and the new CRX series.

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Highlights of FANUC CRX Series


Success Stories

STIHL | Handling and Shake testing of 10 kg saws

To relieve their employees from heavy lifting STIHL added a CR-35iA to their production line in Waiblingen, Germany.

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BENTELER | Loading and Unloading of testing stations

At their production in Schwandorf, Germany simple tasks such as parts transportation are handled by automatic systems and thus make the work place more ergonomically.

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Discover the wide range of collaborative opportunities

Automotive machining and assembly

Preventing the risk of repetitive strain injuries amongst assembly line workers, the CR series will lift and position heavy components on machining and assembly lines. The repeatability offered by using a collaborative robot for these processes also improves quality and reduces cycle times.

Machine tending and part inspection

The CR series is ideally suited to those machine tending applications that frequently require an operator’s presence. Eliminating the need for an additional workstation, the robots can also carry out quality control checks as part of the handling process.

Picking, packaging and palletising

On packaging and palletising lines, the CR series can be used to carry out dull, repetitive, dirty and dangerous handling tasks, freeing up staff to perform more complex and diversified jobs requiring human skills.


Whether they are used to apply sealants, adhesives, paints or other fluids, the CR series works safely next to humans across a range of industries.

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