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With a broad spread of clients all around the world, leading UK-based system integrator ALS Mechatronic relies on the products and services of its robot suppliers. Around five years ago, when a major customer expressed a preference for FANUC robots, the company agreed to co-operate. The question was: could this progressive system integrator make the new partnership work?

FANUC has a unique personal approach when it comes to system integrators, developing long-standing working relationships based on trust and integrity. As a result, FANUC can assign system integrators with a proven record of accomplishment in the end user’s particular market, be it welding, machine tending, palletising, material handling, bottling lines and so on. This strategy de-risks the project because the end user gets the right people doing the right job.

ALS loves the industrial robots it receives from FANUC, as well as the ultra-reliable and responsive service, all around the world. The company is also reaping the benefits of ROBOGUIDE, FANUC’s intelligent offline 3D robot simulation software, which helps demonstrate the system to end users.

About ALS Mechatronic

Founded in 2002, ALS Mechatronic is a leading UK supplier of innovative mechatronic engineering solutions. The company has come a long way in a short space of time, today occupying a 1900 m² factory in Cheltenham supported by a 1700 m² quality and testing facility nearby. ALS also has a US sales office located in Amarillo, Texas. With around 30 employees in total, the company’s solutions include state-of-the-art manufacturing process and packaging machinery, robotics, conveyors and vision inspection equipment, all of which help advance the processes and capabilities of its worldwide customer base, increasing their efficiency, quality and bottom line profitability.

As a highly successful system integrator, ALS Mechatronic will turn its hand to almost any automation task, be it assembly, manufacturing, palletising, handling, picking, placing, stacking and so on. Serving a wide variety of industries, the common denominator in most automation projects is the need for robots.

“We have used various robot suppliers over the years, but around five years ago one of our major customers expressed a preference for FANUC,” explains Andrew Steward, ALS Mechatronic’s Founder, Managing Director and Chief Engineer. “We had no problem co-operating and, ever since, we’ve loved the whole set-up with FANUC. They are very responsive and never let us down.”

FANUC goes to great lengths to develop partnerships with its system integrators, which offer value for money, secure processes, optimal engineering solutions and first-class technical expertise. All of this receives backing from FANUC’s global support network, a fact that has not escaped ALS Mechatronic

“Dealing with FANUC UK is great but we sell globally, so having a FANUC presence all over the world makes a big difference,” says Steward. “We order the robots and tell FANUC UK the destination country. FANUC is always well prepared and lets the end user know all the relevant information. They provide training and spare parts from their local facilities.”

Steward goes on to make a particular point about ROBOGUIDE, FANUC’s intelligent offline 3D robot simulation software.

“We love ROBOGUIDE, which FANUC provides at a really sensible price as a one-off purchase,” he says. “We use this software to show our customers exactly how their systems are going to work, providing them with complete peace of mind.”

He adds: “Ultimately, we help customers solve their problems. We use FANUC’s wide range of products and services, and add our expertise and design creativity in developing the optimal solution, which will typically involve other products like controls, conveyors and safety systems. Together with FANUC we work as a great partnership.”