FANUC Display Units

Standard displays are devices with LCD monitors that are dedicated to FANUC CNCs. They display CNC screens to the machine operator. Standard displays are availabe in 2 different types:

LCD-mounted type control unit, where the CNC unit is mounted on the rear side of the display unit. This economical solution saves space and reduces costs. 
Display unit for stand-alone type control unit, where the display unit is connected to a stand-alone CNC unit by an optical fiber cable. This versatile solution pools devices in the cabinet as much as possible, simplifying cooling and providing a robust EMC solution. 
FANUC's standard displays come with horizontal and vertical softkeys, depending on the screen size. They are also available with an optional touch panel. The resistive single-point touch panel lets you operate the display even if wearing gloves. A memory card interface and a USB port are available for data transfer, e.g. inputting part programs.

Many standard displays can be equipped with an optional Personal Computer function. Built-in PC technology and the Windows Embedded Compact operating system let you integrate custom software applications in an economic way. For demanding high-end software applications, the use of FANUC's PANEL i or PANEL iH Pro is recommended.

Standard displays are available in sizes from 8.4"" up to 19"", providing the full range from compact solutions for economic machines up to large screen sizes for excellent operability.