Factory automation made easy with FANUC

FANUC’s factory automation gallery at EMO showcases how effective digital simulation can turn concepts into optimised reality

Milano - The visual centrepiece of FANUC’s stand at EMO Milano 2021 is the eye-catching factory automation gallery. Of stunning aesthetic design, the tunnel-like gallery demonstrates FANUC digital simulation products, centring on digital twin and virtual machine design solutions.

FANUC’s digital twin with CNC Guide as a core function provides the bridge between the digital world and the real (ONE FANUC) world. EMO visitors can progress along the gallery on FANUC’s stand and experience various automation solutions, eventually coming face to face with the live machining of a component. The gallery helps end users to understand the advantages and possibilities offered by FANUC digitisation technology in workpiece design and optimisation.

For example, visitors can experience FANUC’s new Path Optimizer software, which creates the best tool path based on CAD geometry date, tool information and CNC setting information. Users simply import the required data to improve command point distribution and achieve high-quality surfaces. Path Optimizer is ideal for mould machining applications.

At the next position in the gallery, visitors can see a visual twin of a Chiron DZ16 machining centre producing a virtual component. FANUC’s new CNC Guide 2 enriches digital machining with data related to actual acceleration/deceleration, giving a better estimation of the workpiece machining process.

The digital twin gallery continues with demonstrations such as Surface Estimation, which helps users to check machining feedback virtually in advance to save time, money and materials. Ultimately, visitors can visit the metal-cutting area to see actual CNC machining in action.

On the opposite side of the factory automation gallery, visitors are able to experience the ease of digital machine tool development and configuration, from design to usage. The first demonstration highlights the accuracy of virtual design using a rich set of tools in the FANUC CNC Guide environment. For instance, applying artificial intelligence (AI) to servo turning simplifies and minimises the time required for optimising the axes. It is also possible to check and robotise machine tools easily and virtually using FANUC ROBOGUIDE software.

Once the machine tool design is finalised, further virtual demonstrations highlight the latest available functionalities to boost its performance, while another outlines the ease of on-board programming thanks to FANUC’s new iHMI G-Code Guidance environment, which allows unskilled operators to quickly start programming a CNC machine.

Quite simply, a trip through the FANUC factory automation gallery is among the major highlights at this year’s EMO exhibition.



The FANUC Corporation is one of the worldwide leaders in factory automation for CNC control systems, robots and production machinery (ROBODRILL, ROBOCUT, ROBOSHOT and ROBONANO). Since 1956, FANUC is the pioneer in the development of numerically controlled machines in the automation industry. With 271 FANUC locations worldwide and more than 8,000 employees, FANUC offers a dense network in sales, technical support, research & development, logistics and customer service. 

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