Statement concerning the war in Ukraine

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is worsening with increased fighting, leading to the loss of lives and injuries of many, including children, and the destruction of social infrastructure which is essential to daily life. Amidst this turmoil, Ukrainian people have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries, or have been left behind in Ukraine where battles continue to rage.  


The health, wellbeing, and security of all FANUC employees and their families throughout our various locations have always been our top priority. Therefore, we are particularly concerned about the safety of our colleagues and their relatives in Ukraine and we are doing our best to support them. 


In light of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, FANUC CORPORATION will donate €1 million through the Japanese Red Cross Society. FANUC Europe Corporation, as the European headquarter, will make an additional donation of €50,000 through the International Red Cross. Furthermore, many of our European employees are committed to helping refugees.


Considering the situation, FANUC has suspended all shipments to Russia and Belarus.


We sincerely hope that the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine will end as soon as possible and that peace and safety will return.