Versatile machining whatever your needs

Available in standard as well as advanced short, standard and long bed models, whatever your manufacturing process FANUC ROBODRILL offers huge versatility across a vast range of machining applications. No matter whether you are involved in high volume mass production or low volume work such as mould and tool making, ROBODRILL’s enormous versatility combines with extreme accuracy and robust construction to improve your productivity and deliver the ultimate in reliable precision vertical machining.

Standard version

The standard version ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus is a fast, high-quality all-rounder. With a number of different spindle options to choose from, it’s perfect for standard applications. Excellent repeatability makes this model ideally suited to applications such as high-speed drilling, boring and tapping in the tooling and medical industries. 

Standard models come with:

  • rigid design and a rugged cast cross table
  • easy maintenance thanks to direct access to all components
  • easy operation thanks to quick and simple, intuitive set-up options
  • new iHMI for utmost user friendliness and full maintenance planning
  • dedicated maintenance screen – easy instructions ensure quick recovery if, for example, zero points are lost due to incorrect operator input
  • early issue detection thanks to an integrated early warning system providing enhanced quality assurance
  • 70 Bar centre through coolant pressure for non-step deep and small diameter hole drilling
  • flexibility at any time thanks to a wide range of components to suit your needs including rotary and tilting tables

Advanced version

Advanced ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus ADV models are designed for cutting edge high-speed machining and set the performance benchmark in their class. Providing the ultimate in precision and repeatability, they are perfect for long fully automated production runs and represent a versatile alternative to larger machines.  

In addition to standard features, advanced models come with:

  • 0.7second tool change for super fast cycle times
  • 4 kg tool handling capability for multi-step tools
  • 400 mm z-axis latitude for larger parts and less interference between tools and workpieces

α D21SiB5 Plus / α D21SiB5ADV Plus

Maximum machining performance for small parts

For high precision operations on a small footprint this is the ideal solution. Capable of clamping multiple parts depending on size and featuring multi-tool spindle, this short bed model makes a great machining solution for watch, jewellery, life science and electronics manufacturers to name but a few.

Download Datasheet standard version

Download Datasheet advanced version

α D21MiB5 Plus / α D21MiB5ADV Plus

The ultimate all-round vertical machining centre

Fitted with a standard bed, the machines are the ultimate all-rounders, driving up productivity on a whole range of milling and drilling tasks requiring maximum precision, versatility and reliability. Multipart clamping makes them highly adaptable.

Download Datasheet standard version

Download Datasheet advanced version

α D21LiB5 Plus/ α D21LiB5ADV Plus

Maximum flexibility across a wide range of machining tasks

The biggest ROBODRILL in the range, this model offers you all the advantages of the smaller machines but with an even wider range of clamping variations. Ideal for larger components such as those found in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Download Datasheet standard version

Download Datasheet advanced version