Versatile milling machines and machining centres

The key to efficient high-speed CNC milling is surface quality and flexibility. To achieve them, manufacturers need a milling machine, or machining centre, with a high-speed spindle, intelligent software and a versatile CNC capable of getting the most out of their milling processes in the face of changing material and production requirements. The ability to produce sophisticated contoured parts using a single machine is also extremely useful. In this regard, support for 5-axis functionality dramatically increases the range of CNC milling processes that can be completed on one machine. But to ensure that these features have a positive impact on manufacturers’ bottom lines, one more element is required – rock solid reliability.

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Features that support flexible high-speed CNC milling

Use smart safety

Intelligent safety features supported by some CNCs make it possible to operate a machine tool with the door open or a tending robot without safety fences.