Lightweight, strong, and long reach robot in a compact package

The LR‐10 series is a series of fully enclosed IP67‐rated robots. With a lightweight and very compact design, these robots are perfect for use in confined workspaces. The LR-10 series is suitable for all types of material handling applications, such as loading/unloading directly in a machine tool or high-speed picking and packaging directly on a conveyor belt in the logistics industry.

Thanks to the powerful wrist the LR-10 is an ideal match for precise and sophisticated assembly in all 6 degree of freedom in applications that include EV battery packs, solar panels and many other types of mechanical assembly. With an excellent weight to payload ratio and its long reach, the LR-10 series is perfect for mounting to AGVs. The full range of robotic options is available, as well as the ability to add FANUC vision sensors and other intelligent functions that further increase flexibility.




1101 mm


10 kg

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