Improve output and efficiency at your food and beverage plant by automating your production processes.

Automating your food or beverages production facilities is easier than you might think. FANUC provides smart solutions to increase productivity regardless of your business’ size. Our great products and easy plug and play solutions make achieving affordable automation along your entire production chain easy.
Specifically for food processing automation delivers consistently better quality, improves picking and handling times and increases output by speeding up packaging processes. The net results are lower costs and greater competitive scope. What is more, intelligent specialised automation also allows you to respond flexibly to today’s competitive market dynamics and the ever-changing demands of the food manufacturing industry.
Smart FANUC solutions create added value across your entire food and beverage industry manufacturing process. Dedicated to every phase of your production, we support you with front-of-line, processing, picking and handling and end-of-line applications.

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Front of line automation

Optimise your value chain right from the very start of the production process using FANUC front-of-line automation. Whether it's depalletising, loading, line charging or even thermo forming your packaging with an injection moulding machine, any number of tasks can easily be automated to help you improve your food manufacturing processes and lower your costs.

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Thanks to FANUC automating your food and beverage business is easy:

"Automating is much easier than you'd think. You'd be surprised – we have lots of customers from small and middle sized companies that have successfully improved production using our solutions. We're happy to help guide you through your first steps in automation" Just send us an email or give us a call.

Automating delicate processes

The handling of primary and secondary foods and products clearly represents the most delicate stage in the food processing chain. Whether it is slicing, punching, cutting or filling, FANUC’s tailor-made solutions make it possible to automate almost any conceivable handling operation in food manufacturing. As simple as they are cost-effective, FANUC solutions comply fully with food standard and hygiene regulations.

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"Our international operators of the palletising cell found that some employees where having problems navigating the touchscreen menu, so at very short notice Robotec developed a modified control panel for the FANUC robot that restricted the menu to key steps and dispensed with unnecassary options. This worked beautifully, and our employees now find it very easy to use." (Rudolf Roth, Head of Production, Hero AG , Switzerland)

End of line automation

Automating the end of your production line increases your flexibility, enabling you to react quickly to the trends and challenges involved in providing intelligent and secure good-quality packing, storage and logistics. Wrapping, labelling, packing and palletising all involve strenuous and repetitive manual work – something that can easily be done by automated systems for optimised, cost-effective results.

Thinking outside of the box

At FANUC we think creatively - and are experts when it comes to automation solutions. Why not let us inspire you with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry? No matter what it is, we will show you every conceivable aspect of your automotive production line that can be automated.
We know what's possible, but also think the impossible.

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