FANUC cares for the Environment

Environmental protection is one of FANUC's most important corporate principles. As a specialist in industrial automation and manufacturer of CNC controls, robots and machine tools, we work continuously to save energy and preserve nature.

In fiscal 2017 (until the end of March 2018), FANUC reduced energy consumption in its production by 10.7 percent compared to the same period last year. The energy supply at FANUC's headquarters in the Japanese city of Oshino was partly switched from kerosene to gas. The energy efficiency of FANUC products was also further increased.

FANUC's goal is to develop and offer reliable, strong and easy to repair products. Our corporate policy includes the promise of a "lifetime service" to our customers. This means that we repair products and provide service for as long as our customers require. This also contributes to a positive environmental balance. 

For the current fiscal year FANUC has again set itself ambitious goals. In the medium term, we aim to reduce energy consumption despite a growth in production volume.

For details see FANUC environmental report 2018

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