CNC Series 30i / 31i / 32i-MODEL B

The FANUC Series 30i / 31i / 32i-MODEL B controls are ideal for highly complex machines with multiple axes, multi-path, and high-speed high-precision machining requirements. The hardware and innovative software provide the highest performance, precision and surface quality.

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Key Features

  • up to 96 axes, 24 spindle axes and 15 paths
  • 5-axis machining
  • compound mill / turn or turn / mill machining
  • extended integrated preventive maintenance functions
  • integrated FANUC Dual Check Safety function
  • shop-floor programming via MANUAL GUIDE i
  • collision control via 3D Interference Check
  • dynamic compensation functions for highest accuracy
  • High-Speed Smooth Tool Center Point 5-Axis Compensation
  • Learning Control / High-Speed-Cycle-Machining
  • integrated high-speed PMC
  • high speed cutting
  • iHMI offering intuitive and extremely user friendly operation