FANUC iHMI pomaga uporabnikom, da iz stroja dobijo največ

Novi iHMI FANUC je zasnovan tako, da je uporabniku prijazen, zato je upravljanje s stroji CNC enostavno in učinkovito. Ponuja tudi popolno načrtovanje in nadzor vzdrževanja za maksimalni čas delovanja stroja. Nova nadzorna plošča je ploska in ima ergonomsko postavljene tipke, popolnoma prenovljeno strojno opremo in popolnoma nov uporabniški vmesnik.


Get the most from your machine

  • brand-new touch panel interface for 30i-B series
  • built for high-precision machining and minimum cycle times
  • superior performance for higher productivity
  • new unrivalled HMI concept for all machines
  • consistent shop floor support for planning, machining and improvement

Simple. Efficient. Intuitive. 

FANUC iHMI has been designed to be extremely easy to use. Intuitive menu icons, high-visibility design and animated features take the head-scratching out of complex machining operations, making accessing even the most sophisticated programs and functionalities straightforward. Despite its more intuitive layout, users will nevertheless find that it provides a familiar FANUC user experience.

REMOTE DESKTOP - communicate with CAD and CAM on a seperate PC

TOOL MANAGER – Managing of tools has been centralised to increase production efficiency

CALENDAR – Plan your tasks.

CYCLE TIME ESTIMATION – Estimates quickly the cycle times of the task.

NEW CNC INTERFACE – Setup / Edit / Operation is possible on a new CNC screen (measuring cycles, fixed cycles, simulation)

ROBOT HANDLING – robots can be managed through the CNC interface

COLLISION AVOIDANCE - The validity of the program and the interference between tool and workpiece can be confirmed by the simulation.

DATA LOGGER – Various data of the CNC & machine are continuously collected to display the production data and to transmit the results to MT-Link i.

MAINTENANCE INFORMATION – from CNC & Machine is collected to manage such information as life time information of wear parts and the detection of deviations.

OPERATION MONITOR - Status information from CNC & machine is collected to display status information, e.g. status information or production overview

MANUAL – Displaying manuals and documents on the CNC

MEMO – creation of notes and experience informations

BROWSER – usage of web based applications and connection of company resources

MAINTENANCE DISPLAY – Display of the familiar interface for maintenance / service

FILE MANAGER – Usage of the well-known Windows Explorer