Higher productivity all along your value chain

Automating your sheet metal fabrication facilities is easier than you might think. FANUC offers a range of smart solutions designed to open up your options and increase your productivity, no matter how big or small your business might be. In a nutshell the benefits of automation are better quality, increased productivity and lower costs. What is more, smart automation provides you with the flexibility to respond quickly to today’s changing and increasingly competitive market place. No matter how challenging you think your application or process might be, you can be sure that FANUC has a solution to improve it and keep you ahead of the game.

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Automating delicate processes

End of line automation

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"Reliability has significantly improved since we installed the new FANUC robot. We’re noticing the difference in higher unit quantities."
(Beat Lehnherr, Head of Service and Maintenance at Hoffmann Neopac, Switzerland)

Thinking outside of the box

At FANUC we think creatively - and are experts when it comes to automation solutions. Why not let us inspire you with innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your industry? No matter what it is, we will show you exactly what we can automate on your sheet metal production line.

We know what's possible, but also think the impossible.

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