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More efficient picking and packing

In today’s fast-paced production environments, picking and packing operations ask a lot from human operators since they demand uninterrupted speed, accuracy and dexterity. Whether they are picking and packing cheese sticks, awkwardly shaped Tarte Flambée, or mixed-load pallets, robots, by way of contrast, can complete these tasks consistently at high speed without the need for breaks. To increase productivity, dedicated software can be used to coordinate and synchronise multiple robots picking and packing 2,000 items per minute on a line. This kind of automation not only lowers your costs verus manual, but also saves you valuable production time.

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Pick 2,000 parts per minute using 10 robots and advanced software

Cost-effective queue management tracking software provides an optimal solution for pick and pack processes involving single robot and multi robot line tracking or visual line tracking applications such as picker lines. Using these proven tools, beginners and experts alike can create standard configurations or customise their own solutions. Good solutions are quick and easy to set up using  plug & play, do not require TP programming and can be conveniently operated via an external pendant.